Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Compassion and Intention

This Sunday is Body SOS, my segment is 7pm. 

Suntec convention Center Hall 401-402.

And those who pick up marble is the downstairs escalator (those already registered, full le). Others can go direct to hall 401 7pm.
Some ask me where is escalator. Well say le, picture given le. I dont know how to describe la:> Convention center level one lor collect.

All started from this marble from a Great Compassion master.

This marble cost few hundreds and now is few thousands. But is not about the cost but the intention behind the founder of this marble is to help people and bring peace to mind of everyone. It dont have what miracle energy but is the motivation behind this marble where a master gives to poor villages many years ago.

It was ceated by a Great master who intention last time to help poor people with blessed marble.
Many many years ago I manage to get this marble as a collection for blessing guidance and also inspiration of loving kindness compassion and peace of mind.

Many who attended the Welcome 2016 talk receive a marble which u can put wealthbowl.

For me the marble remind me, when I give a talk or seminar anywhere, the voice the knowledge the information that comes out from my mouth must be useful and helpful. Help people to alleviate aches and pain and eat the right thing. This is a kind of cultivation.
Ur work at office may be stress or unhappy but if u change ur mindset... everyday u go office is to emit the ray of peace to people around u is also a kind of cultivation.

it was said , the difficult people who u meet this life is actually in past life ur lover or people who love u very much. the reason is to make things difficult this life for u , is to let u learn and move on with lessons so that u wont have to face it next life.
So do u have difficult people in office? well just think, probably he or she is the person who love u alot past life. 

Also this Suntec, I am giving to those who registered (all given). But first set your intention right. U come is to have the marble, and also develop the intention to have a compassion heart and that day spread love and light to the world ok. Dont have the wrong intention oh is for good luck and also wealth. Although is ok to think of wealth.

But the rays of light that emit from the marble is 有球必应如你心底好。
The fountain of SUNtec is like a palm and the marble  activated with love and light represent pearl in ur palm. And u have this pearl is to do good and developed a kind character:>

Once u have the marble i given u from talk or suntec. Walk around the fountain any day and say positive words. And smile:>

See things and people with compassionate heart let the marble of healing brings u reminder the abundance and prosperity u already have if u not so ego and enjoy ur life. Remind u, that u re protected with love and light if u have a good heart.

So you are coming to SUntec for attending my talk with intention to learn exercise to inspire people and remind urself to take care of ur health:>

Food for Luck this month:
Image result for peach
If u are facing some issues or problems or have fear: Eat ONE PEACH without cutting it and bite slowly until finish before 3pm">.

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