Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tzi Business for 18 years is all about good intention

I am in Tzi business for 18 years le.

Some sell thousands yers old tzi which was passed down by ancestor down. Most are selling new Tzi

Message from a famous Master:.

Most important thing for me Tzi must be real and make of old agate.

And this are Tzi after 100 years become old Tzi.

Some place sell Tzi but will tell new Tzi as fake Tzi. but end up backfire because tzi is real agate.

Bryan lao Shi views:

Tzi person who sell is important with good intention and activations. Many who have my Tzi feel the good effects. U see Masters world famous are selling new Tzi and make it affordable to all.

Most scary is new tzi and sell u as Old Tzi. And for me some Old Tzi dont know from where and wear by who before and I dont think u want to wear it.

For omhealth Tzi one is $198 to $380 for pendant and is all real tzi and good energy.

Well :> If not it cant be around for 18 years and people wearing all heng heng happy le:>

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