Saturday, February 6, 2016

Power Day

From today to End of Feb 2016. U can put ur fengshui items

How to have a year of Good Luck?

First day of CNY go to a temple pray pray. Anytime is ok:>
During CNY if abit angry or quarrel (cant avoid because sometimes u spend a lot of time prepare housework abit tired).

U can spray above u the Tranquillity Healing Spray.

The fire Monkey here and bring with some quake. Well fret not. Do the right things.
Wear ur black tourmaline bracelets.

Things to drink!

Gold Tea or Lingzhi tea as I have taught as it works wonder:.

Temple Bryan will be?

Lor 27 Guan Yin Temple at 1130am to eat vegeterian and pray la:>. U happen see me ma? I will give u a red paper. This year the red paper u all receive will be super power of the hengness.

IPOH: We lighting the tall incense for all Ipoh charity donors with ur names

Omhealth will light a coil incense for all heng ball owners heng heng. Heng balls good luck energy :>

We are open but email reply slow:

During the 15days of CNY, u can still order things from omhealth. So for some u can invite the heng ball to ur house or office :>

U can put heng ball any day and time before 3pm when no rain.

Tell u frankly, today I can feel a Kwan Yin energy. I don't know how to explain and I feel is good one.
Everyone remember is not going to be easy year. When u feel lost, just go garden or take a deep breath and use aroma oil. it works.

Don't forget keep things simple.

All omhealth lucky items has a good energy, infact u put in wrong place it minus negative. If u put in good place it amplify.

The black tourmaline bracelet and also the Tzi for pendant is so worth to have it. Don't forget to get one:>

Health and Beauty Talk 5th March (have u registered?)
Don't miss this talk:>

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