Monday, February 22, 2016

Open Up auspicious energy to U

Marble and Porcelain or a bowl of coin with 5d coin center of house.

A bowl of coins
In 2016 there is a heng energy that flies to living room or center of house. Now although sickness star is strong in 2016 but when it flies to center.  It also create a wealth energy that happen once in many many years.

So if u know how to activate it can bring in good news. As sickness star is controlled by 6d hulu at main door. It is further controlled by 5 d coin. So a bowl of $1 coin and 5 D coin and if optional have my blessed marble will be great.

Anyday before 1pm , no rain. Put a Porcelain or glass bowl with a few $1 coin and a 5D coin than beside it put Protection spray. Spray the water once awhile
Also those have the marble u can put the marble in it.

This helps to plant in a good energy and affect all members in family.


This tianlu hulu was created in 2014. It is a kind of holy wood. And normally u can put in drawer and when u find ur sleep is no good or nightmares. U can put 5 drops ten spice oil to the wood and rub it to absorb. Than put beside bed for 3 days.

So normally u will feel better and than u can keep in le.

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