Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Items to use 2016

Hi all

using of protection spray and tranquillity healing spray is very important for this 2016

The fluctuation of the energy may cause one to feel

1) Scattered
2) fatigue or overwhelmed

Spray Mist can be used on office , retail, yoga mat. Protection Space clearing to spray around environment and the Tranquility healing spray is for your body. normally we spray 3 times above head and let the mist enveloped our body.
The Tranquility spray remind us to take control of our body energy remind ourselves to calm our mind and emotions and is a very important steps to take back ur power
and be compassionate.

Using of spray .

Protection Spray : 
Some people leave lingering energy which may disrupt your concentration or leave you on edge.
Protection spray help to reset the energy and put it in a more positive
It sometimes dissolve heavy energy from accumulating at home or office or in the car
U can even use protection spray on crystals and stones.

Tranquility Spray: Heal our emotions and confusion,enable us to focus on the positive energy and emotions

NB: The introduction of Heng Tzi is for many to able to wear and feel calm.

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