Monday, February 1, 2016

Bryan lao Shi TZi

To limited Heng Tzi
Email to name and also issues u want to say .

If not will choose a suitable for u base on ur birth date given (no need time please)

I was so into good Heng Tzi . Black tourmaline Heng Tzi bracelet is Cinnabar type and worth a lot more in market. Many who buy le, appreciate the price for it.

The second type of Heng Tzi which omhealth intro in 2001 was this type when I first got mine for $450 2001.

Omhealth now has the sole sole of this Heng Tzi. we don't go for those shiny shiny one .
U will be surprise the Tzi $188 is sold $800 in market. This is common.

Now heng Tzi has a very good energy but market also filled with Tzi.

I must this grade heng Tzi omhealth has is good one. Old Aged one in museum.

Price is $188 to $288 a piece. Most are $218.

U can keep one at home. It will be strung as a necklace for u. Or u can put in a nice bowl.
Tzi was popular long ago. When some shops mark up this to thousands. Is like that one business. More expensive people will be, cheaper people tot is fake. All these are real one and has been more than 10 years energy.

Below what beliver says: But for me, it is good energy and happy to see.
Tzi was said to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner, enhance owner’s ability to accumulate wealth. Ensure that the wealth will be retained within owner's control and not slip away. It is said to pacify sickness, hindrances and troubles; Increases life qualities and wisdom; Attracts and obtains wearer’s needs; Destroys confusion, doubt and ignorance

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