Thursday, February 11, 2016

God come down today

Tomorrow 初五,buy a pair of shorts or pants! This is more practical! Also a good day for buying auspicious things like gold or ahaha really Heng ball or tzi etc by sending a email and as long as reply energy is there! 

初五 Bryan will be at the orchard road that power temple at 1230 pm ! To pray to 五路财神! if u re there u will see me la! 

Today according to Chinese tradition is a good day as is a day call 迎神日!
Today ah, be more tolerant ( especially today la) don't scold people . Even people make u angry; keep smiling;

A lot people ask me the start work day;
I generally put the dates in the Heng website but never emphasis it;

In tradition start work day is actually day for farmers or big business man; most of us re working for people so we can't choose the start work day;
But we can harness the good energy from Chinese New Year any day as start work day by 
The 15 days of cny one of the day , even u work le u can re do this procedure
1) morning shower with five element oil final rinse and than spray body with tranquility mist
2) take gui ren bag say ”开工大吉”at office table and wipe table with dragonfly oil ;
3) send a greeting email to any one person in office u think has good energy;
4) than lunch time have time ( optional) go to ur office nearest temple and bring ur bbc coin if u have and go over incense!

This year health very important ! Do put ur brass Hulu anywhere; and six d Hulu u can hang this two months any day before 1 pm no rain at main door;

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