Thursday, February 11, 2016


Temple: Orchard 1230pm pray ba when free.


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None of your efforts in prayers or your work are wasted. Remember some flowers bloom earlier some takes longer time depending on the situations.

We dont need to rush or frustrated and just need for the flowers to bloom.

There are actually two types of people in life when we talk about achievements ( i believe we were once both of them)

Failures reaction:

A) People of this type blame all failures,bad luck (example sprain legs) on other people, fengshui, etc and criticise those around them
[ Once a customers, he went temple pray, immediately after pray he went exercise, than when stretching his ligaments wrist torn, and he went to doctor second day. First day he went home, he wonder why pray le like that. Second day doctor see him and says lucky it break early because previously operation the ligament operation was not operate properly and luckily it torn now, if not it may torn anytime may be driving to sports.... Now than he understands sometimes prayers answer in a different way, it may not be sweet but bittergourt which cooling ur heatiness]

Personally long ago, i have been thru the most down of my life. Most of us have. but this is the time, courage and faith comes in. And u just continue pray continue have faith. TB

USE oil like Victoria secret , healing trees, Clary sage.

B) Blame everything on urself. Over self critical person who is quick to take all the blame may very well regarded as a nice person. But lack of confidence in himself, suffer in silence.Very emotional stress

Some always says" I am just no good". But deep inside want promotion in office. Yet dont work hard. U know when some of my friends says i good life now and they kept complaint their work life their children etc... Deep inside i think: " when i was working hard , even weekends work and work... u all party all the time etc...." Well we dont have to tell others. Is a choice. So dont blame urself.
It is very important first of all to get a clear view of the area you do need to improve.

If you are always blaming yourself, thinking that everything is your fault, that is because you have not gained a clear view of where you actually do need to improve.

No one in this world is completely at fault for everything.

USE oil like Awakening and purification blend.

My Way:

The results of your effort and your prayers and the good u do will appear suddenly at some point; So continue steadily to plant good seeds. A lack of continuous effort can be one of our problems.
Example, ask u use essential oil inhale, power bath , facial steaming, if u listen do past ten years, now u should look as young as me  (oops joking, frankly speaking age of 45, this is how much i can hold, i dont worry about aging because is soon or later, my products skincare i just believe it works and from day one , from people lack of confidence and from me demo to people the use of natural skincare do work, is more than a 10 years effort. People may say this is a long way, why not just hire a model to do a powerful advertisement. But u see, everyday u see new skincare product come out, how many of u will use the same thing for long. )

How to improve renyuan ?

Well sow the seeds of listening to others, care for others , makes human relationship go more smoothly. Everyday before u go work or office. Spray some healing spray and say today ur task is to spread compassion . Soon , the hatred colleagues or boss will feel ur aura. If they cant, well they have their lessons to learn

Few omhealth items works on healing expect;

Dont be surprice, Magneto Scrub, Facial Mist Ginseng they are free from chemical and works on this aspect.

Magneto Scrub ( has power hibiscus extract ok)

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