Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Adopt one Ba

Business have different way of doing and can't say who is right and wrong and each business have their methods; some shops like to say all other people dZi is fake and their is real ; some dZi mark up to very high price;
Is all a way of marketing; this new year I wan all to know omhealth tzi around many years le and now this Batch of pendant worth a lot outside and I personally select for customers ;
Many who order are old customers and base on trust; newbies ah probably in all buy outside Ba if not comfy;

Dear all

Please remember this , doesn't mean nine eye more power than two or what; also tzu SA tzi also as power as Heng dZi; like fruits have apple orange peach all re good! So don't have 分别心(a lot effort is chosen for u; 

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