Friday, January 8, 2016

What's UP today

Well today few planets are moving to it's shadow houses. This means alot of issues may surface abit.

What cannot eat this week:


By Noon time today we must be careful with our words. In fact everyday will must speak with mindfulness and compassion. Just that today what u say from 1130am to tomorrow will be very positive effects if u say positive.

So talk less and dont gossip if u are a gossiper this time ahahha.

What u can do?

1) Drink Ginger water add a dash of tumeric.
( The nepal ginger seems to form a shield of healing when a person drink 3 slices).

U can boil 10 slices with few cups of water and immerse in the vaccum flask overnight. Second day morning whole family can drink.

Omhealth Ginger
(Planetary Association: Mars or Sun
Elemental Association: Fire or Earth)
=== Success, break negative, stimulate the mind, breaking a run of bad luck
Drink before 3pm only.
If mouth ulcer, u dont drink. But if u wan drink, can... add honey. Few slice wont heaty but it warms the body.
TCM say ginger heaty is when people fried and eat and eat raw without boiling. If u boil with water, heaty super gone le. So cant mix with TCM energy. And u drink only 3 times a week not daily.

B) at 11plus today, send a message to a friend and say good things. Or call ur parents ask whether they eaten ma from ur heart. Or today go buy some food or supplements for elderly and pass them anyday.

C) If free toady or tomorrow visit a Temple or religious places of ur religion.

D) Fruits for the week: Kiwi, papaya, melon (green).
E) Aroma Oil to use for tissue inhale or wrist rub: either clary sage, cananga, 5 element oil or rose balm

Bryan Lao Shi special blend:
Special Planet blend (can blend and give friends).
15ml jojoba oil: Cananga 2 drops, rose geranium 1 drop, cedarwood 2 drops.
This blend can use for head massage or face. Super power for open luck.

F) Buy a pack of Brazil nuts: Eat one to two nut a day , this nut can clear the mind and make u talk proper.

End month omhealth will have a pack of MIX nuts and our brand. Good Quality and fresh:>

2016 (BEst stone use for next 5 years BLUE COLOR)

At first u see is clear, than u see from far it emit a blue that is so beautiful and beyond words. Healing really

Each piece is $88 to $128


Pyramid class and Talk Talk Good Luck Class in 2016

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