Monday, January 25, 2016

Thank You All

I would like to thank all for attending this wonderful workshop. For those who miss it. Look at the energy all emit from the class. The energy i feel, anyone who see this video super good luck.

I forgot today 2pm I have radio FM 972; Give me a few days to re arrange the slides and email all who have attended.

Also do remember the few power workshop coming up.

1) Pyramid Class (must attend is personal healing and only 15 seats left)
2) Health and Beauty with bryan (invited the GuZhen Power woman) 40 seats left
3) Talk Talk Good Luck (wa this one u all surely Must attend, new pattern methods)

There are few items, which has gone thru lion dance and heng heng for u to invite. And will be broadcast on blog Wednesday. This items is for those who not able to get items from omhealth in talk. Enjoy:>
So take note Wednesday we have some special power items for collect.

Those who have adopted those mystic knot, elephant (all sold) , u can put at home anywhere on 4th Feb 2016 before 3pm. Remember this few items can put anywhere.

Also tianlu ruyi ready for order: $68 which also gone thru lion dance.

This tianlu ruyi brings alot good luck and will have a video.

Those dont have, i must say this is a good piece to keep. And use thumb rub the ruyi daily.

Peach Wood TianLu Ruyi is super auspicious:

We chosen this lotus dragon this year is to give blessings to all who see this dance. And it symbolise good energy.

It is a new attempt with new concept which is different from past Fengshui Talk. My main aim is to ensure all who attend to feel confident, motivated and face life with courage and fearlessness.

I have shared with many techniques from different teachers and proven ways to improve situations.

Thanks for the trust. And yesterday , i have received many wonderful feedbacks from families which has gone thru situations and using some methods thought in blog to help them improve.

Yesterday main thing I shared are

Simplicity ( Yi Liang Po Qian Jin)
Learn to be a good person first before u go into alot payers
Ways of good luck with Chinese Traditions
Exercise Poems for good luck.

More than 15 years of Fengshui Workshop and I am glad every year u are growing strong. Alot of you sms me , that u feel good after attending even facing alot of issues. yes because a workshop pure intention is to teach. Follow by is my sales of product if it happens it happen but I ensure all items super heng.

yesterday if I have missed your greetings or forget to greet you or when u ask questions I didnt answer I do apologise.

I need to rest a few days. After that a video one

1) How to make herbal Hulu
2) How to put Brass Hulu
3) How to use Puti health seeds (the one chosen for u all are all from Nepal and is good to use for health, special price for all, those interested can email to order)


Dear all, please understand the movement of planetary is norm to feel down or discourage at times, but with the reminder of omhealth products... U will be ok:>


If u have BBC coin, Gui ren bag and 5 D coin and Cundi coin. How to use them for this few?

U can buy a nice silk bag or cloth bag. Put all in. And once a week, put ur hand in and feel this week need which most and take out from it.

BBC coin: For balance of bazi and safety
Guiren bag: for gui ren and hold it and say gui ren come
Cundi Pendant: Wear for protection on 7th month or travel
Wood Tian Lu put on office table
Hulu Tian Lu , can put in 10 drops 10 spice oil and put beside bed and rub it for good health.
Tian Lu Ruyi for peace, harmony and also authority at work.

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