Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Notes : Emergency for u

Cindy is ON LEAVE, she will check email on tomorrow. Dont whatsapp her. As she is my volunteer only like u. So do email

Two things to verify for the talk 24th Jan

Those who have receive the marble, u can put together with the $1 coin collected previous talk or any year $1 coin and any number and put on a glass or porcelain bowl.

Optional if U want to;
For those 5 D coin if is in your rice urn for more than 3 years, u can take out and put at this bowl. Do u know the 5D coin i ask u keep in rice urn, u can continue put forever. But if u want take out use. Third year is best and amplify good energy for wealth .

rice urn if take out u need to put back one ok.

Sprinkle pinch of salt to the rice in rice urn means more abundance coming year.

B) The mini gold rectangle charm all receive is for put in bag or office table or house drawers. It is very protective.

C) for the calender i given all, Cut out the first 2 row. And ur animal sign fold until is on top and than tape it. And put in wallet.

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