Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brass Hulu and Me

Omhealth has 5 main HULU activated shaped items

hULU IS ancient remedy against sickness energy. 
No matter how much u spend on a FSM ahhaha end up ask u get a HULU.

llness energy in the flying stars feng shui formula flies to different area yearly and it is earth element.
6D hulu, Tian Lu Hulu, Or brass hulu will weaken and contain the sickness energy, hence providing health for you and your family is what ancient believe.

But to me is to have the HULU mind set, preventive maintenance. I put alot hulu at home is to remind my aura and my parents to see things and remind them health.
As mind matters. mind and ur thoughts build ur future.

When place next to your bed or in the house, I visualise it absorb the sickness energy and i feel protected and to me now family is very important and i want to to be healthy. 

For people with chronic illnesses, it is not that u put le  cure the sickness but it will definitely reduce suffering and the seriousness and help the person to think positive.

Be it 6 D hulu Coin (hang behind main door), Tian Lu Hulu, rub daily for good energy,  or the brass Hulu, it is related to getting rid of negative Ki. I love WULU on desk because i visualise it keep my office negative people energy away. One good thing is i can put a cotton inside and put aroma oil``````

1) The Most Famous 6D hulu and now upgraded with 5 colors liuli energy.
Is a 6D hulu we put behind main door and change yearly to reduce the effects of negative and illness star. Working very hard yearly.

2) BBC coin: Is a coin carried by many to balance body Bazi, very confuse what element u lack but by holding BBC coin doing breathing exercise helps to balance. And is good to carry around in bag and when travel

3) The Powerful twin hulu Brass. Activated and comes with healing Gold Powder .
$55 has two hulu to thank all and also to reduce the effect of illness star and fluctuation energy which is in 2016 for home;

is to be put on living room or floor or bedroom. Can put together or seperate.
this hulu is meant for the whole house energy.

When u receive, decide a day u wan to put the hulu. I will put on 4th Feb morning. And pour in the gold powder in each hulu. When put say wishes for family health good good.
Also this hulu once a while any dates , u like polish with salt and vinegar or lemon oil !

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