Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 : Yellow Heng ball South

Omhealth heng ball can put anywhere and any where really.

but for some into Flying Star, SOUTH affect certain career.

So u can put ur yellow heng ball at South of Living room. Well find a wall put 3m hook and put heng ball yellow.

Time Date to Put is 4th Feb 2016 anytime.

This South affect those in below career.

On 4th Feb 2016 , South if put yellow heng ball help in family fame and recognition. When put say

9 times:天贵临门. 4th Feb if can do some charity is best. Dont deposit to bank , is no use one. Waste time.  My friends worked in some banks, says they hated 4th feb so crowded people just deposit money and some even quarrel. So u think? Think by put in money can activate wealth ma?

If only if that day u give wealth buy things spending and also do some charity means u have energy over money. If only that day u do business close sales than is big wealth.

4th Feb 2016 : Omhealth will be providing food and medicine for elderly. :> and hope u can do some charity urself. Set good example and set in Good energy for 2016. Wisdom ...

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