Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thank God Day 2016 Method

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Is near year end, time to thank Tai Sui God.

The significant of CHinese Thank God is to be grateful we have food and even though a year of obstacles we have pull through. And ask for blessings and strength and courage.

For those 2016 Kana Tai Sui or 2016 Kana Taisui forget to thank God.

U can choose before 22nd Dec 2015 冬至 to thank or any day of the week before 22nd December 2015 to thank as long as that day no CONG you and is Not 破日。
Also this period of 22nd Dec give thanks to ur ancestor is Good.

So to thank God can choose before LapChun 4th Feb 2016 or 22nd Dec 2015 or the week before .

In short, u can choose Chinese Lunar 12 first day to 29th to thank god. But most people choose before 15th of Chinese Lunar Month 12 or before Dong Zhi.

Things to Bring

1) Flowers: Lily red or any flowers have red red kind.
2) 2 Orange, 2 Apple Red, 2 Dragonfruit  [ No pear , no papaya kind]
(Total 6 fruits ) if cant find dragonfruit can be promeganate, or peach.
3) Joss Paper Tai Sui ( write ur name at Gui ren fu there)

弟子(M/F) Guomei mei 感谢神恩。
If Joss paper cant find others, just use the Tai Sui Jin and Gui Ren Fu can le.

Go to temple:

Put your fruits on the Tai Sui Altar.
Light candle and incense, pray to the main God center , follow by the year tai sui and than the year u born in Tai Sui. Than bow to all
60 Tai Sui.

Than Go Burn the Joss Paper:
The temple u can go is Arumugam road Taoist Temple the biggest one. Or the Temple at Magazine Road.

For places cant burn Joss Paper, U can just bring the fruits and pray and give thanks.

B) If to Thank Overall God. Just go temple, replace the Tai Sui Jin to normal Shou Jin can le. and follow same method and pray to main god and all god give thanks.

Bring ur BBC coin go over incense that day also. Before go temple, if can shower urself with 5 element oil and cypress oil final rinse body. Is super good if u keep having health issues for 2016. Clear and clear.

22nd Dec 2015 : U can do ur shopping that day to buy one item for urself, anything u want to buy from shopping mall. or u can order a Heng ball www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart if u want a new heng ball:>
getting a new heng ball 22nd Dec is good. U can just order and will courier week after.

22nd Dec 2015 eat these.

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