Monday, December 14, 2015

From 2016, Highest Quality Sandalwood oil will be increase to 6ml to $180. This is still lowest price in market. The 15 bottle of $120 is avaliable now for order. Highest quality sandalwood oil has no fragrance added and is purely old wood.

Price is rising 25% a year.

So please grab a bottle if u can ba. Omhealth Sandalwood is of highest quality. Oil Thicken as times goes by. So u turn over and count 10 second gently for oil to drop out.

And this 15 bottles u all can keep for 10 years also wont spoilt. A drop in a piece of normal wood, can turn the wood to have sandalwood scent for 6 month .

Please keep one ba if u can:> Some went to get from India or little india sandalwood oil at $10 for 100ml... this are diluted. Sandalwood True oil has different grade... it can be as expensive as GOLD.

Sandalwood oil: RICH WARMTH WOODY

When u dilute sandalwood combine with frankincense myrrh: It become SKIN POWER BLEND

 Sandalwood oil has a long history of use as a traditional medicine. It is part of traditional medical systems such as Chinese medicine and the Indian healing science known as Ayurveda. It has been used in a wide variety of applications such as genital and urinary infections, digestive complaints, dry coughs, persistent coughs, throat irritations, laryngitis, nervous disorders, depression and anxiety. Sandalwood is used widely and effectively in skin care, being useful for dry, cracked and chapped skin, rashes and acne. It is suitable for all skin types and is non toxic.

Adulteration of Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood oil is one of the most-often adulterated of oils. This is due to the high demand, the high price and the scarcity of the real product. Adulteration comes in many forms in the field of essential oils, such as dilution of a genuine essential oil with a cheap carrier oil or solvent, adding synthetic aroma chemicals to an essential oil, or reconstructing an oil with aroma chemicals (natural or synthetic). Dilution of an oil can be easily performed at any time by almost anyone from the distiller to the consumer. Adulteration and reconstruction of essential oils, however, is often done in the labs of the essential oil brokers. Some adulterations are easy to detect; on the other hand, adulteration performed by an expert with the right materials can be very difficult to detect.

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