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Be Courage and Smart

Upcoming 2016

Shower with Magneto Scrubs. Use any oil from omhealth, 5 drops in water and rinse body.

Close ur eyes after shower for 1 min and visualise ur heart shine like below.

I must say the planetary arrangement can be a very 'different' experience year for many. Many has sudden wake up and sudden of relisation.
If u look at my oil blend, it always has meaning....

What happen to many :
A) Sudden happening in family or work

(u may be working happily for 10 years, sudden change in boss or system cause u unhappy)
(Ur family have been peaceful long time than suddenly this sick that sick and series of event)

B) Emotionally may be stretched to max.

C) Totally nothing happen and infact a boring life and kept self pity and feel life meaningless.

D) Sickness of very love one, and can be serious kind and stress whole family. (丧门,吊客星)

E) Disturbance of unknown and sudden SHI FEI.


If u step back and think. As we get older things we look into  health and peaceful in family more seriously. This is something we need to have. The planetary arrangement seems to stretch many family to test ur courage.

Well , i dont like to use the same sentence whenever we face problems like "God test u so u can pass test and be better. Is tiring right. Sometimes u ask , what have u done wrong, why u need to go thru all these? U ask until u tears....
Well, our vision and God vision is different. they see further. We only see this life , they see further. The test is needed because is what u have done in past life and u need to address it. Sometimes u will ask
" Wa Lao, past life must have done alot bad things and this life jia lat" But again I want u to stop this complaint mode and count ur blessings. if ur past life very jia lat, u wont even able to born in Singapore."

Also alot of problems is not past life, is not karma, is not God test u. Is u bring them to urself.

Example: U say u have acne and pimple and outbreak.... And ask me what to use. I say aloe gel and ask u sleep early. but u say is ur lifestyle and cant sleep early... like that God also cant help u.

First, all who are born in Singapore or manage to have Singapore citizen , ur past life must have created alot of good merits. And Singapore is a place, if u able to learn relax , and culitvate good conducts, u can accumulate alot of merits and deposit into ur bankaccount for future use.

U dont have to worry about alot of natural diaster issues or etc.  Yes things are expensive, people change and environment change. But what have u contributed to give thanks to the place we live in?

The moment when u think u are very "poor thing" Think again. Friends of mine from Malaysia and Vietname and Philipine, neeed to leave their family and come here work. U le? All family here bad or good.

When a person too good life, u worry alot of things. Until u no food to eat, the only thing u worry is survivor.

U see whole world pray to God. U think for people who are not in gratitude will there be help?

All these years of giving workshop. What we Singaporean lack of is emotional balance and determinations and courages.  How to enjoy living life 'Challengingly"

If i share with u the amount of challenge I face this life, u will be shocked. but no need. Everyone has a story. So we accept , strengthen and be stronger. Imagine , i was a shy boy and hide in room when relatives come to now able to speak to thousands. And also have the courage to write this kind of broken english blog read by many which once criticise by a teacher a singlish blog which is my style now.

if I think how to write proper.... I cant flow like this, Who on earth write blog almost daily for 10 years.

A saying" Horse die, walk urself (catonese)".

To tell ur the truth I find that alot of people love to live with misery. Because with misery u get attention. U like that attention. Example when u have a small illness, wa u have attention from people around u, but healthy, no people bother. This is just an example.

If u keep on searching for happiness, means that u are very miserable now..... So today now , this moment feel the happiness of little things.

Example is so lucky, u are able to read my blog, breath in fresh air. And have lunch and diner.  All difficult people and colleagues are just challenges in life... Dont spend ur precious life on useless people... Contribute to the world and society. Bring smile to the world.

We go on missing many things in life just because we lack courage. In fact, no effort is needed to achieve --- just courage--- and things start coming to you rather than u going to them.... at least ur inner peace.

VERY RARELY does a person ready to be happy--- people have so much investment in their misery which and when I look at ur email. How come a mother in law can spoilt ur whole life.... Many love to be unhappy.... in fact many are happy in being unhappy.

Above is strong words to wake up many of u.....


Have u ever observed that whenever you are afraid or fear, ur breathing changes? So the key to have better luck and courage is perform breathing exercise daily on sunrise just for 2 mins makes ur life different.

or put any bracelet of omhealth

i) Clarity healing bracelet or 
ii) Black tourmaline bracelet or
iii) Positive affirmation bracelet

using bryan's blend to cope with issues :

  1. Dab abit of "Fresh morning  Oil Blend" and perform alternate nose breathing 2 mins.
  2. On the way to work dab in tissue 1 drop of Awakening blend.
  3. At work when feel very confused and disturbed, 2 drops of Victoria Secret on ur palm and warm it can surprise u
  4. When feeling missing of love one or feeling self pity or unhappy, a drop or 2 of love miracle blend in cotton or rub on ur chest.
  5. When daily life seems too much for u and lack of nature touch, 5 drops of Dragonfly Aeonian oil blend in washing machine and wash the cloth. Wear second day feel great
  6. When health seems to be no good and keep having mini illnesses. Dab healing trees oil on ur wrist aissnd go house near by garden walk or walk on stones slowly (dont injured urself). And also use healing trees oil and perform some leg kicking exercise in morning. Just apply oil on knee cap and kick ur leg out .
  7. When u feel so fatigue and heart heavy and shoulder alot of burdens: Just 5 drops of Bryan relax blend in a small pail of warm water and use a good morning towel scrub body follow by magneto body scrub.
  8. When every just dont understand u and kept feeling insecure. 6 drops ten spice oil and a tablespoon of salt immerse foot in pail of warm water 15mins. Strengthen ur body.
  9. When u feel the need to connect with inner peace , a drop of sacred holy frankincense, a drop of sandalwood oil and a drop of myrrh with 3 drops of rice bran oil, massage the stomach and chest. I tell u, this is the most Holy body oil mixture which I use it on the 1st and 15th of Chinese lunar month , which can reduce the effect of moon on body emotional effects.
  10. When stomach keep bloating, 4 drops of either rice oil or jojoba or any facial oil of mine on palm and 1 drop marjoram, 1 drop clary sage and 1 drop peppermint massage stomach for 5 nights 2 mins each.

Crystal healing:>

A) For those with the two stone, remember whole either one on ur palm and relax .
B) Black tourmaline bracelet is one of the famous bracelet for omhealth. Do wrap with a tissue and put 3 drops five element for overnight as cleansing activating.
C) Wear a Master Healer crystal pendant sometimes....(activated by omhealth special)

This year I have this master healer pendant adopted by 20 clients. This are rare raw stone with many inclusing .  It contains in  a stone of zircon, calcite, iron etc.

This crystal connect all chakra in body and help in cleansing, activating body energy and clear a person stagnant energy. And allow a person to be positive in an environment. It has the energy of courage, confidence and higher perspective in life.

Master healer comes in 6 pieces a month only and takes time to activate. Now at $220 to $280.  Do enjoy wearing a pendant awhile a day or when u are off. When pendant and bracelet wear together it goes to all meridians of healing.

Personally i benefit alot with the black tourmaline bracelet which I have and this year when combine with the pendant. It seems wonderful.

Heng ball

Heng ball was created 2 years ago, so successsful that many find house energy improves. It become a routine many get one heng ball a year for happiness and bring light to the house.

Enjoy the heng ball, activated with bryan's harmonics method.

Pyramid Healing Class: The techniques for self healing and many more
2016 Good Luck Aunty meet up talk: U dont want to miss this yearly meet up talk
Health and Beauty with bryan (date i select for this talk opens the Health star , do join in) especially in year of sickness star so strong.

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