Monday, January 18, 2016

The Class Pyramid ready for registeration

Hi all don't forget the Pyramid Healing Class

Pyramid Healing Class has the essence of crystal healing method too:>

If u are into healing and want to learn some simple techniques , do register for this class.


28th Feb 2016
Venue: National Library
Room: To be announced

Time 930am to 12pm

Pyramid Class 2016:  FEES: $166 

For those who have pyramid can come for this class at $38.

1 x Pyramid with pyramid ball: $128
1 x Geometry Healing Card for Abundance (created by omhealth)
Class Fees $38 

This is a class that combines usages of pyramid for abundance health and also some bio exercise for balance body system. Even have foodcure with pyramids.

Scientist discovered that there is a close relationship between the external forces and the physical, chemical and biological changes, found inside a pyramid. When kept in a room, a small pyramid, through the energy t, can purify the energy
Similarly, a pyramid placed on the office desk begets energy, dynamism and peace. In fact, the room is changed into a source of energy.

Class Details:

Grounding healing
Symbolic healing with Pyramid
Pyramid Foodcure.

Crystals Mala 54 beads Launched

Heaven and earth 54 beads mala: Black tourmaline, Medicine Dzi and ZuSa Dzi.


Balance , Deflect negative and focus

B) Carnelian Medicine Dzi and Zusha Dzi and amber. Prosperity Joy and Royal

C) Amethyst with Zu sa Dzi and medicine Dzi and amber. Wisdom, health and smart

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