Sunday, October 12, 2014

Special Day Special Blessings

Information: All temple activities the event , all is sponsored by omhealth group from Masters to etc. FYI.

Yesterday Class and Temple Event was very rejoice.

Formally Announce Bai Bai Class completion and this class will rest for 2 years le:> And see u all in 2017.

Consecutive 3 years in a row. But will have one BAI BAI gathering only for those who attended Bai Bai Class before.

I cant imagine I have the energy to stand for 7 hours in total. But all these is so good.

For all information. Class: U receive blessings from two place. One is Wang Hai Temple and one is KK Buddhist Temple. Ur name list is blessed, even u didn't go for the temple event after the class ok:>

Yesterday Activities:

A) Candle Offerings in Temple and bless all attendees

B) Taoist Master bless all Crystal Clients, Class clients and Heng Ball , 9 level pagoda, Gui ren bag, BBC coin etc .

Many Many Good Luck

C) All Ang Gu Kuek is sponsored by 8 sponsors, u are blessed and shared with so many people.
D) All who at facebook last minute assign u bring things all blessed.
E) Cindy and family for your help in driving me and making it possible thanks

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