Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautifulness of Agarwood

Main uniqueness of Bryan Lao Shi Coil incense

1) Pagoda Sandalwood Coil incense (First timer, try this)
2) Agarwood
3) medicinal herbs

The agarwood, u keep 1 year and keep 2 years smell will even more nice.

AgarWood: 沉香 Coil

1)48 coil, each coil 3 hours
2) purification of air
3) Super nice and gentle, no chemical fragrance added.
4) Calm the mind, sooth the body
5) Happiness

Super tested for purity. Further under test now and will be launched in November.

For those who love incense, u can get good guaranteed and reasonable price here.

48 coil , 3 hours each at $88.

Agarwood, how to say le? When I first come across the coil incense cost me $200 for a box. And I love it. I understand why is it $200. But after 10 years of research, I find that with right ingredients it can be sold at lower price for good quality. Protected Agarwood cannot be exported now so what we have are from some famous countries that plant Agarwood for commercial use yet have high medicine values. For omhealth we want to protect environment, yet we want good quality agarwood. So now founded le.

U ask me which is better agarwood or sandalwood. For me both same. And just that sometimes we are those who love incense, we change accordingly. Agarwood has many properties but some of them too commercialise and over over le, what burn le many God come... well... this i dont know. I only know burn le feel good energy.

U can order now as Agarwood, unlike sandalwood as it don't comes in big quantity.:>

I must say after 10 years of research and sourcing bryan has finally found the best agarwood that scent just nice. And again tested for safety and now testing again to be launched in November.

In future the direction of Bryan Lao Shi Coil incense will have 3 types

1) Sandalwood Coil Incense (successfully launch with wonderful feeedbacks)
2) Chen Xiang Coil Incense launching
3) Finally Herbs Coil incense that will banish negativity also but very herbal smell.

it is not only China where chensiang has been used in medicines for more than one thousand years, traditional uses extend across Asia and into India within Ayurveda, even the Middle East where Agarwood chips and Oud oil have a long established high value market. At Asia Plantation Capital  are working to carry this cultural heritage forward scientifically based upon sound environmental practices.”

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