Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good deeds Good Luck Takes Time

Do refer to for the power talk of the year, include care for elderly.

Wealth doesnt reach or go to the fourth generation probable because in the midst of good luck we never do good and the future generations suffers.

When we turn 40 50, wealth comes in different aspect. We want health more... aahah what a mind we have. This is a year where our mind constantly under stress..... Is important to do 478 breathing exercise or wear black tourmaline bracelet too to do breathing exercise.

A true case study was a old lady who do good deeds and chant daily. When the day she past away , a high master says she has accumulated FU QI for the family 3 generations.

I must says in a way is true looking at how my friend go from poor to rich.

Whatever we send out to Universe in a way it will shape out and return to us. I must say that winning lottery is not actually case of random luck, but is feedback from our previous actions returning to us--- sometimes result of our own action in a forgotten past. These past actions still vibrates in our world affecting our life and world equilibrium.

The effects of our karma also lead us to be born in fortunate or unfortnate circumstances. The good fortune to be born with healthy body into a financilaly stable, loving home is the result of past good actions. The good fortune may resonates through an entire lifetime, protecting us, insulating us from harm, to some degree, from the rough seas of the world around us.

Do u have some friends, like they born to have all people good to them... and u urself needs alot of effort to get into other's good book.

So make an effort do some good deeds from today from thinking to action.

First good deeds: Care your parents, care your mind (chant mantra ), action like donations to some charity bodies.

I do walking meditation daily and it helps in many way....

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