Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wash Toilet SUPER DAY AGAIN  Day is out.

With my famous 5 element oil, some FSM come out with five element shower gel. Means have five different bottles.... Sigh this concept I am speechless. While just continue use my 5 element oil ba,balance all element with no chemicals.

Now that day wash le hor. Second day go drink red date tea and shower with Pomelo 10 drops, kaffir lime 5 drops final rinse. Than make wishes with Flower Coin or any lucky items u have. Even last year house items
Reason is the final back to back 除满日。

NOTE: Those who receive FS item, dont do anything first , keep it first.
Old 6d and 5d can disposed when I tell u the date. I am calculating la

For month of January if luck not so good:

A) EAT red bean dessert, or related food. Than drink a mouthful of EVIAN Mineral water.
B) EVENING final rinse body with kaiffir Lime 5 drops from head to toe.
C) 19th Jan if can, take vegeterian whole day and final rinse with 5 element oil at night.

Also perform a exercise from 2009 article this January

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