Monday, January 7, 2013

Retreat and Snake Year talk

Many people asked me or tell me; Bryan is just a welcome snake year talk, why u need to do so much; u can just elaborate on the 12 animal sign, how to welcome wealth god etc....

But to Bryan omhealth principle is

1) Delivers informations that are useful to people
2) Experience urself and research before teach
3) Informations that are direct put in for people to refer and dont waste their time

Yes a few hours talk takes month to prepare and a retreat is always needed before my talk to have accurate messages for all. Life is short, we live once. I am not going to be those famous FSM, I just want to be very human and do a part in society. And I hope those who attend my talk understand that fate is in your hands, by combining simple techniques and mind centering we can achieve what we want in life.

For 10 years I have my famous 5d and six d coin because it works and many love the simple method to handle alot of things.  Welcome snake year 2013 is a very not easy seminar to prepare. I use my heart my mind and energy for every calculations to prepare the slides.

Signs that happen this 2 months is very drama, sometimes I think am I in a movie? like butterflies, birds and clouds will appear as a messenger when I need some directions. Heng ah, I dont do fortune telling as a living so people trust me more because is a free informations sharing.

For 12 years black tourmaline bracelet is a very healing bracelet . And again this year in snake year talk I will see 20 person to choose for u. SO u can request for ur number:> by sms to me on friday when I am back.

Retreat 2013 message is below. Class listen, in life there are many challenges, from ur difficult boss or colleagues u need to face (sometimes u wonder why they exist). To unfaithful husband or wife--- to naughty children that waste ur energy....
But this is life. Accept, acknowledge it and say " I am whole, protected and I take back my power" Dont like people or situations drained ur energy. Remember u were once born a child and have many excitement and joy. Just like the poem below, a dry wood will grow again if u have faith.

Power of healing tree oil message:> Wish u well... I am coming back friday:>  Elephants set and items still avaliable. Lead a life to guide people, do not be discourage if people dont believe u, u believe in urself and Divine can le. Some people just dont have the Fu qi to listen to u advise:>

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