Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Dyasty Coin,6 Dynasty Coin

Hi all this items is famous for many years le, Because of that Zu sa and properly activated.

1) 5D , 6 D: Qi Ling Energy of Fire activated
2) Flower Coin, Gui ren Bag, Fu Qi coin: Heaven Star of Blessings
3) Cun di pendant: Temple Light of Love activated
Activated with Auspiciousness.

Alot of effort is made to produce this items. Is totally different from alot of shops and street sides de.:>

NB: Anyway, 6d coin hulu must be actiVATED , I came out 5 years ago because a FSM sold $120 for one. And I have decided to come out one at $48, activated with Fire Energy and Yang Energy and hulu ZuSa.

Do u know every piece is properly activated and effort:> So enjoy ok;

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