Friday, January 25, 2013

26th Jan 2013

Activate the galaxy stars in your life. Tomorrow come happily. Dont worry if any unhappiness because I planted the energy of happiness at NTUC auditorium of peace. Blessings from Masters. So when come, just in your heart smile. Even someone make u unhappy this few days. Just come and say Ommm in ur heart.

Tomorrow report at 9am, please eat breakfast ah, and bring drinking water (a bottle) super good luck ok. Than seated is 930am. Because hor need to set up de:>

Remember is One Marina Boulevard NTUC Auditorium level 7. Dont go to the wrong NTUC auditorium. 

Anything I never hear u clearly or rush about please forgive me hor:>

For those who want to order black tourmaline bracelet tomorrow, I have a Binary method to choose quickly for u.

In a piecce of paper write ur name and address, than measure size of of ur wrist by me.

Than write three binary numbers of 1 and 0 of ur own, do not think but just write.

Black tourmaline or special bracelets orders for those dont have time to see me:
[Submit following, using ur own paper to me, tomorrow]


Name: mary
Address: Blk.......
Mobile: 12303030
Binary for relationships: 10111111
Binary for Health and Family: 00011100
Binary for Wealth and Calmness Heart: 11110000

I can choose and courier u.

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