Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welcome Snake Year 2013

Yes this is my study room, preparing the snake year documents. This snake year talk will be a special one. 12 animals sign will not touch on it because I have more things to teach. Instead I will produce a notes for all, may be softcopy online.

Welcome Snake Year talk is attended by people of different religion too. Although there are some Chinese Customs prayers method since is a Chinese New year... since 1999
But many attended as an open mind to learn and understand the meaning behind;

120 seats left have you registered? class@omhealth.com

This year I may if time permits teach you the  
a)Medicine Buddha Singing Qi Movement for health:>
b) Tips to Improve One's IQ, EQ, Energy Levels, Memory to improve your studies, career and what you want to plan in life.
c) Best Breathing exercise to counteract the 5 element unbalance in 2013.

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