Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prayers of Kwan Yin

The Affirmations of Kwan Yin ( U can hold your Cundi Kwan Yin Pendant)
I release all that no longer Serves me in this lifetime
I release all attachments to People and places that no Longer serve me and the
Highest good.
I release all expectations of People and places for The future and allow the higher Energy to guide my CreationAnd Manifestation of the Highest Good of All
I accept All that is now as Perfection
And the Image of the DivineCreation through me .
(I will soon update new affirmation of Kwan Yin in

Those who have any of my crystals, it has kwan yin vibrations, try put on chest and lie down 5 mins tomorrow. Tell me how you feel:>

Bryan's taken at KL
Happy Kwan yin day tomorrow; 如果我是向日葵那观音菩萨,你就是那太阳.
Healing Energy of Kwan Yin Statue
Sacred Symbols and Emblems of Kuan-Yin:
  1. A scroll or book of truth
  2. Lotus blossom or water lily: beautiful and fragrant, purity and grace
  3. A long life vase of healing waters: “sweet dew of compassion”
  4. A spray of willow branches for sweeping away sickness
  5. A Jade bracelet for piety and a mirror for wisdom
  6. The wish fulfilling gem golden necklace indicates her celestial nature
  7. A rope to bind harm

Of all the emblems that are sacred to Kuan-Yin it is water that is the most meaningful. When she bestows upon us her compassion it takes the form of rain or mystical showers sprinkled from her willow wand. Her shrines were often located near running water or situated with an especially beautiful view overlooking a nearby lake or sea.

Visited many temple and often I love to take a pic of kwan yin statue(before that I ask permission if the temple allow photo taking) and share with you all here.

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