Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cundi Birthday Tomorrow [ Can we chant with love tomorrow]

Ahaha since back from BKK, didnt really sleep much. Alot of work. Just prepared a very simple video hope it can help many. Hanyu PinYing let me cut and paste when free next few days:> But my master says , just chant short mantra also can le:>

Cundi Bodhisattva’s birthday (16th of the 3rd Lunar month) .Is tomorrow:> Wish everyone Happy ok:>

There is no restriction for chanting the Cundi Mantra. There is no need for any special empowerment or ceremony, even though elaborate liturgies and practices have been composed by Cundi devotees. Anyone can chant it anywhere. You do not even have to be a Buddhist because Guan Yin’s mercy is open to all sentient beings without exception.

May you practice the Cundi Mantra and may you draw closer to the Mind of Guan Yin.

With Metta,

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arr888 said...

i love Cundi mantra.