Sunday, February 26, 2012

Real Crystal Healing Stones from Bryan

Below shown are called Quartz of Rare Healing Energy, small but powerful. Many Crystal therapist healers will look for this stones.

A truly exquisite collection of these rare Brazilian Quartz “Lemurian” Seed Crystals. These are from the original locality in Brazil, which is no longer producing. Some are Lemurian “Laser Wands” which are some of the best natural crystal healing tools you will find. Quality Brazilian Lemurian's, are going up in price, in high demand, and getting harder to find.

$50 a piece if you are a true collector. I will only allow 1 piece per person.
A RARE TWIN stone with abundance crystal below.

Bryan has been promulgatine Crystal healing in Singapore since 1999. To conduct a class $128 which can easily cost $500 at market rate. For the fees of $128, an added bonus of a packet of healing crystals is included for all attendees. Perhaps you are new to crystal healing but do you know crystal healing class is actually a very professional course?

The above are selected crystal wands, which means abundance, healing and activate the body resonance to healing energy. All attendees will have a chance to touch them on 3rd March ^^


Location of Atlantis. A large percentage believe, as did Plato, that it is a sunken island under the Atlantic Ocean. Others believe it is located near the Greek islands of Crete or Thera (Santorini). A severe earthquake on 9th July 1956 disturbed the lower strata in a quarry on Thera and the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient civilization were found. Human bones, teeth and charred wood, together with pottery and other artistic relics were Carbon-14 dated by Professor Galanopoulous. The results pointed to this being the remains of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans used crystals quite extensively. The Atlanteans used the spectrum of this energy so as to be more useable, and for a specific purpose, much as one would use petoleum in terms of its various spectrum limitations for specific purposes. Extracting this and that and other things from the same basic substance, they used certain divisions of the energy for growing things.

Others for healing, others for knowledge or increasement of substance. Other phases of spectrum for dissassembling molecule structures, and yet other combinations of these strata for building, assembling structures, as in chains; or producing matter, transmutation of matter and that sort. Their basic technology is still available in the earth plane in various locations.

Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter. Thus, from one pyramid to another the Atlanteans, in a sense, transmitted energy.

When the face of the earth was directed toward a certain point, one pyramid would function to intensify and transmit energies to other pyramids which would then act as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it was needed. .............

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