Thursday, February 23, 2012

Da Bo Gong Birthday -- My respect to Da Bo Gong

Updated very important FAQ:

Its the birthday of 福德正神. I decided to write something here.

福 是 果, 德是因.... We experience good luck because we created our luck from this life or past life. It is all about accumulating merits.

Da Bo Gong, is like a protector of Buddha's teaching(philosphy of life not religious) .. Reminding us to accumulate merits. Da Bo Gong's love for all is equal...regardless they are poor or rich.

Perhaps you may be facing a lot of problems now, juse cultivate and enjoy the process of doing good. Life is very short, how many ten years have we left with?

If you are leading a smooth life now, continue to do good. Do not only know how to enjoy and forget to do good for others..because you will use up your merits very fast.

The human spirit is associated with peace and calmness, but the mind disturbs it. We are born with purity and tranquility, but human emotions disturb it.
Let us work on our emotions for good.... and the mind will automatically be calm ................good luck will follow ^^

You can be 90 years old now and reading my blog, thinking there's not much time left for you, so why bother to do good. The process of doing good to others is always enjoyable and brings peace to the heart. Do not forget to continue cultivating good FU BAO. You will need it for your next life. Who knows, you may reborn in a ROYAL family with good heart and spread teaching of goodness to more people.

People who just live their life day-by-day aimlessly, do you think life is very long? Have you ever look back and reflect what you have done to make your life happier and meaningful. Life is not very long, its very short. If you ever walk pass your old primary school, do you were once a primary school kid and now you are a grown up. Time waits for no man....things seems to have happened only yesterday but in actual fact, years have went by...

If don't start to cultivate Fu Bao now, when do you want to start... ?????
Cultivating Fu Bao is not about religion, it is about the heart. I am not asking you to calm your heart immediately. At least, make an effort by setting aside 3 or 5mins daily to chant mantra (or using your own religion method)

NB: Research confirmed that the waterloo Kwan Yin is Cundi Kwan Yin because it can reach out to all kinds of people. You can chant the mantra even in toilet, PMS time or anytime. It is a very compassionate mantra. So far, I have advised this mantra to many people and it has helped them in relationships etc. Its very very .... hmmm...I should not use the word powerful.... its very 感应 as long you have faith in it.

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