Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ah Ma and Ah Gong

I used to go St Joseph Home to do reflexology for the elderly.

Yesterday, I was at the HOME and had the chance to feed the old folks who are unable to eat on their own. We are really fortunate... We must really count our blessings in life. Some of the old folks were once a teacher..principal and used to be quite powerful but now they have aged and could hardly move.

I received a powerful blessing from my Master today, and I am now certified to do oral transmission of Tara mantra to big group of attendees during Da Jia Lai Bai Bai part 2.
Everything really phase in nicely.
Don't get too stressed up with whatever happens at home or workplace. Start loving yourself and spread love. When your mind is healthy, your health will be good and receive blessings from Divine Source as well.
The fees for Bai Bai Part 2 is $25. Please bring the exact amount. The venue is CSC auditorium, from 10am to 12pm.

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