Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Activated mystic knot usage ( updated 2010 article)

This is more than 6 years ago article i think. The mystic knot was made popular by omhealth and we stop for many years and now we are activating limited pieces and each set is $78 comes with Fresh morning oil (worth $45)

Bryan's Activated Mystic knot technical specification:
  1. Maindoor: Welcome Good energy to your house. Block away negative energy.
  2. Living room: Fight negative "Qi" of the house due to poor fengshui yet bringing about harmony
  3. Bedroom: Brings love balance to your life. Activate love ones to appreciate you.
  4. Study room: Focus and Concentration. Activates the study star.
  5. Office: Reduce all Office politics.
NB: Fire activated by Bryan 老师 . Email to orders@omhealth.com to place your orders.

I started using mystic knot since 2007 and they really work wonders if given proper activation. I have to thank my master for the capability to activate this mystic knot to the highest energy. I have activated 88 mystic knot during my birthday month.
Fengshui items need not be expensive. Most important of all, one must make an effort to cultivate your personality and loving kindness, and all problems will be rectified.
Example: Qing Dynasty Palace has the best fengshui, but why still face a downfall. Its the heart of the people....
Bad luck will not stick with you always and forever, if you are determined to strive on, be positive, have faith and never give up. Good luck will not always surround you if you do not practise compassion and cultivate loving kindness to accumulate your luck bank.
Bryan 老师 tips sharing:

Usage A: If you hang it at your gate.
Before going out the house, rub the mystic knot with your thumb 3 times if you remember(no need to make it into a procedure) and say " 出门就遇到贵人,东也一群贵人,西也一群贵人,南也一群贵人,北也一群贵人, 贵人贵人贵人, 一切吉祥。

Is this religious? Nope. I am just using the power of positive affirmation and law of attraction to magnetise my main door. Remember if you practise good luck daily, it is easier for you to be in good luck. Remember, practice makes perfect Hhhahhahaa.

$78 and 15 set only ;)))

There are two who order last week, u will get ur oil thanks You.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Design of Mystic Knot like a Rainbow. I like it very much.

I have ordered myself one pair of Mystic Knot to improve my hse feng shui via Email @Orders@omhealth.com. It can improve family relationship & harmony.