Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love and Care

Very often, we focus too much on our daily life. The cycle continues everyday without us realising that we are also amplifying all the problems in our lives at the same time. This will only make us feel that life is full of problems and unhappiness. Every difficulties encountered is a challenge for us to see how we can manage and learn during the process. A lot to do with our mindset and whether we can be able to see things with an OPEN HEART.

Of course, telling you not to worry is impossible because I am not in your position. But think again, if you worry too much and get upset for too long, the negative energy will accumulate and affect your health. It will be another problem if you fall sick, isn't it?
You must LEARN and make an effort to get out of the situation. Consulting a doctor, learning breathing exercise, aromatherapy etc will be helpful.

We are actually very fortunate in many different ways.

During my journey as a volunteer, I came across people who used to be very successful in their younger days. However, stress and depression affected their health because they did not managed to strike a balance in their lifestyles. Actually, I learnt a lot from these people. They will tell me their stories as I massaged them. Their life experiences served as a constant reminder to me that I should cherish things that I have and share what I have.

I remembered about 10 years ago, the world famous health therapist in Singapore brought his love and care by performing massage for the elderly and cancer patients at St Joseph Home. I joined him once a month to be a volunteer. It has been a very meaningful period for me. Through him, I learnt the true meaning of sharing and love. I am still learning because I am not perfect. I do lost my temper sometimes but I know the way to get out of the situation fast.

One important thing to take note. We must learn to love ourselves first before we can love others. Loving ourselves does not mean to be selfish and think for yourself first before others. To love yourself is to accept yourself with love.

Look into your mirror, smile, touch your heart and say "I LOVE YOU" daily. Happiness grow in your heart when you help or share good things with others without any expectation.

Bryan 老师 Crystal therapy to feel love

Lie down on your bed. Put your Rose Quartz put on your heart area. Close your eyes and relax. Let your Rose Quartz filled your body with pink loving ray of light. Dissolve your body ache that emerged as a result from stress, emotional pain from relationships etc. Bring love to your life and family. Rose quartz enable a person to see the brighter side of life

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I know my post is a bit long today. Hope you don't mind. Just feel like sharing about it because a recent encounter triggered me to share :)


Paige said...

I like your post ('',)

Anonymous said...

No worries Bryan. I like your blog. Although my work hardly allow me to have time to attend all your classes. Your blog makes up for it. Thank you. I learnt a lot from you too.


Kala said...

Bryan u are right. We shd count our blessings not count our problems. Your post is good. It shook me up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan.

I also like to read yr 2 Blogs daily. I love the heart shaped Rose Quartz very much. It is very beautiful.


mei_mei said...

Keep it,love the bracelet i ordered. I feel lucky

Mei mei

Anonymous said...

The rose quartz looks nice and feels nice.
Thank you very much. I will treat it with care and love.