Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 elements oil and Healing oil

Many people asked me why I seldom mentioned about my 5 elements oil in details. Well, the 5 elements oil was first blended when the world enters Period 8 in 2004. It was initially named as "Auspicious Period 8 Oil". The oil balances the 5 elements in the body and also improve house fengshui. It is particularly useful to be used in areas, where there are a lot of negative energy and quarrel. I have used many different aroma oil and herbs for this blend.

Main Usages:
> 2 drops onto tissue and tape it to blowing to fan; blow whole house when needed.
> 2 drops into a bowl of water, use the water to wipe house.
> 2 drops into water for a final rinse to your body if you are feeling fear or uncomfortable after visiting some places such as hospital, funeral.

> 1 drop onto tissue and keep it in your pocket to guard yourself against negative energy.

I have actually shown my High activation Healing Oil to some during my crystal practical class. This oil is only for those who have attended my crystal class before, because it is a healing oil to heal your chakra. The blend consists of herbs like Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankincense etc... It is more for meditation too.

SO for luck and Healing I have 2 types only
  1. Bryan's 5 element oil 12ml @ $38
  2. Bryan's High Energy Chakra Healing Oil (concentrated) 12ml @ $68 [only for those who have attended crystal class before]

23rd May is a BIG DAY. I am going to share crystal healing and color therapy with you. Make an effort to come for this course, it will benefit you forever. Strengthen your aura. Shine out the potential in you. Reaffirm the goals in your life with beautiful colors and crystals. Understand why my amber mala grow flowers, why the Dzi change color. Why the vibration of crystal speed up healing process.

NB: Mother's Day coming, get a Tian Lu or Laughing Buddha activated with healing energy for Joy and Health. Ammonite fossils activated with further energy is also avaliable now. Check out


Anonymous said...

I will keep my blue bottle which is specially storage of my aroma oil. The cost of which blue bottle which is slightly expensive but i can use it for my Color Therapy for my Breathing Exercise cum Meditation. It can keep my aroma oil for longer period.

I love yr 5 element aroma oil n High Energy Chakra Healing Oil r truly super fragrance to be smelled with my nose. I only mop or wipe with clean towel on my furniture with 5 element aroma oil on 4/2. I will drop a few drops of 5 element aroma inside my burner to purify my hse. I only 4 types of yr aroma oil with me.

My Amethyst Mala has helped me to breathe slightly better, sleep very deep every night, eased my mense pain with bodyache such as stiff neck, backache, migraine or giddiness n bloated stomach etc.

I will treasure all my feng shui product with love n care including my Amethyst Mala n Bracelet fm Bryan Lao Shi. Bryan, thk u n plse take care.

Anonymous said...

The healing oil is very good. I like it a lot. The smell is very special, nice and calming to the senses.