Monday, December 15, 2008

Tai Sui Drand Duke Jupiter

Tai Sui is also known as Grand Duke Jupitor. Every year there will be someone affected by Tai sui. I don't really believe in this at first until 2004, where I did a sampling research and plot a graph. To my surprise, many of those who are affected by Tai sui met with some obstacles and some minor accidents.
I really wonder why. After more research, I learnt that in fact there are total of 66 Planetary stars, and Tai Sui is a name dedicated to each star.
Therefore, if the year you are born affected by the magnetic force of the Tai sui that year , your Qi will fluctuate. But again for those who follow simple procedure in fact you will have a peaceful year :)

People who are affected by Tai sui in 2008, do remember to give Thanks to Tai sui :) Now its the time to do so.

Signs affected by Tai sui 2009
Do note that OX, GOAT, DOG & DRAGON will be affected by Tai Sui in 2009, but horse and Tiger also need to pray to Tai Sui. Some temples have already started to allow devotees to pray to 2009 Taisui. (NO NO NO Not now). Take note, it is important to pray to Tai sui on the right date. But when is the right date? Well, it is still very early, I will announce it during the Fengshui talk on 10 Jan 09 and on my blog after 10 Jan 09 :) Don't worry, you will have ample time to pray to Tai Sui.

Tai Sui Coin is really effective in overcoming Tai sui (Ox, Goat, Dog and Dragon)
This Tai Sui Gold Coin exerts a strong metal energy to deflect all negativities and bad luck caused by Grand Duke Jupiter. While the Tigereye Piyao(made from Tigereye stone)will sacrifice itself to save one from dangers, which may be fatal caused by Grand Duke Jupiter. This powerful combination brings good fortune and prosperity for a smoother ride in the whole year. Best hung in one personal bedroom, workplace and car for protection against mishaps. In 2009, this protector is required by those born under zodiacs Horse, Tiger, Ox & Goat.
Bryan Lao Shi's Zu Sa Open light Tai sui coin is $38. The market price is a lot higher for item with zu sa activation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

If we purchase this Tai Sui Coin, do we still need to go temple to pray?


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Horse also fan tai sui leh?

Anonymous said...

Today, i have went to Kuan Im Tng Temple(Joo Chiat), 62 Tembling Rd to Guan Yin Ma.

I have also saw Horse, fan tai sui at the notice for the yr 2009.

I love the 2 dogs, i still prefer the female, white n brown color n another one is white at the temple.

I went to visit my Chinchilla n Hamster Petshop at Blk 416, Bedok North St 1. I am really overjoyed to see my 3 chinchilla do acrobot at the stainless steel wheel to impress me with their talent.

fm kt

Anonymous said...

I am a to know what do u mean activated by Zu sa..

Anonymous said...