Monday, June 25, 2018

Long Waited Class Completed

The secret of happiness is learning how to pass through life's storm with a peaceful heart, its aura enclosing you in a cloak of light.

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NEWS: Rosemary Essential oil from Omhealth is from Spain
I use with tissue to inhale is very good.

Rosemary is considered to be one of the best tonics for the central nervous system, because it acts as a brain stimulant and has a long history of improving the memory, aiding psychic protection and intuition. It inspires the love of self and others and strengthens the willpower, according to Dr Glennis Rogerson, PhD. In his article, Davis suggests that “It strengthens the heart. It may be considered a middle-aged executives best friend.”

I have been conducting crystal class for many many many years . And I stopped for 3 years because I was so busy with my events.

Yesterday crystal class was a succcess. I am so glad that 17 years ago customers and students appearing in the class. Some sharing to me, they have been using my crystals to help a few families and all are doing well.

Able to share crystal workshop since 1998 till now is a blessings. I am just sharing what i know and learn from my Masters in Australia, and Singapore back in 90s. And hope this sharing will benefits u.

Crystal healing is really way of activating u to in peace with yourself.
Carneilian to me attract good fortune. My house near door side always have a piece of carnelian and office drawer will put a piece of it. As it removes stagnant blocked energy and things that block the mind. It helps us to restore motivation, confidence and joy

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