Friday, June 1, 2018

Healing of The Stones

Omhealth Stones always vibrates at a very loving energy.

At all times omhealth stone goes thru proper cleansing activation and with love. Hope u enjoy it:>

Many who have a piece can tell the difference how much love energy we have put into it.

U can cleanse by putting any essential oil in tissue and wipe it.

Limited big Black tourmaline put in living room near main door or balcony or below of bed.

All stones can be order from shopping cart by 12pm today:>

Black tourmaline high quality price has gone up few times

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Each black big pieces are around $108 to $118

This two stones below are extremely rare and high energy

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White One is: Natrolite Actviated: A high vibrational stone to carry or put office table. Harmonise our nervous system too.

Pink Calm (activated Stillbite) 

Stilbite are very good stone for overwhelm with event or thinking and help anyone suffering from insomnia.
They aid you to easily slip into a relaxed state of mind prior to sleep By their action to calm and soothe a chattering mind they also allow you to successfully attain a relaxed mental state.

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