Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Good Luck Month

Duan Wu Jie 阳气旺盛


Every year Duan Wu Jie. Fengshui master will specifically point out that day is a good day to change luck. And u might have to do alot alot of things.

Let me share with u a simple methods. Effective and good.

First, Ur 6D hulu behind door rub some 5 element oil with tissue, and also if u have the Peach wood frog put a drop of dragonfly oil. (Very Power)

Dumpling festival falls on 18th June 2018. But the day before is exactly good day. And is 17th June 2018 (Uncle Bryan organise Botanic G Walk)

Change Energy of House method:

From today till 21 June. Buy a new Mob;

Do any day within the range but if can do on 17th June Best.
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A) In a pail of water (1 litre boiling water and rest fill with tap water). Put in

10 drops 5 element oil (break away negative debris)
3 drops Cypress Oil (Double dissolve what is being break)
5 drops Rose Geranium Oil. (Keep the good energy and amplify it)

Use the Mob and mob whole house. This is equivalent to changing fengshui of house .
When mobbing, turn on youtube any auspicious mantra.
And when Mob house, don't say any bad things.

After mob le, go shower, final rinse body with 3 drops purification blend mix with a pail of water.

B) Incense to light is the Auspicious Herbal incense, either the coil one or powder in living room

C) On 18th June 2018, put a bottle of Evian water under 12pm SUN 1 min or facing the sky with any crystal beside it. Drink the water whole family good health

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Crystal to Adopt this period

1) Dragon Blood Stone  $68 to $88
Has cheap one u can find in market but this one is direct and high energy.
Omhealth stone don't come from CXXX store and Singapore. Although I have many respectable good crystal shops boss friends and we are still good friends even we do business of the similar. I got mine direct and from proper means also and handle with proper activation.

Example u may need to cleanse activate many times but we do it le and u just can start using it:>

U can use this stone to massage ur hand or neck with rice bran oil or omhealth coconut oil or Jojoba oil, try neck and arms, feel energy refreshed


According to ancient, when a person hold this stone with positive thoughts and compassion, it will form a 3foot aura fields to protect u from negativity
Brings joy to community interactions.  Helps you achieve goals.

Draws money and love to the wearer.
Speed up recovery from sickness and also good for body aches and 
Physical: Good for nerves, bladder, spleen, stomach, kidneys, liver, bile ducts, mineral balance and sense of smell. 


Hi all

is been 3 years since I have given the professional crystal healing classs. I started Professional crystal healing class since 2001. And the first company I went to was HDB Hub at Bukit merah. And follow by I am invited to many places to teach crystal therapy and at ION Mall too ahhaa.

Coming 24th June I call it crystal meditation class is to simplify crystal healing so u can do It yourself at home daily.

Let the Power of simplicity works.

U will learn grounding, affirmations and simple breathing exercise and how to take care and energise ur crystals in this class too.
Email to with mobile phone and details.

Not for super newbies but for students or omhealth customers. As we will check the database.

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