Wednesday, June 20, 2018

24th June 2018

I have not conducted crystal professional class for 2 years.
So this time I am giving a crystal meditation and awareness class on 24th June 2018
U will learn cleansing, charging of crystals and also simplify meditation to balance ur health with crystals.
Is a wonderful sharing session.
And u able to get a healing pair of stone at $38

24th June 2018 ; let Bryan lao shi share the simplicity of crystal happiness with u; music with Gu Zheng Lao shi Michelle Chua she will be perform 3 songs to balance ur chakra and energy; why spend $300 for this kind of course where u can have one in Singapore by me Gan since 1998
Fees: $28
Attire: able to seat on floor
Time : 9am to 11 am

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