Friday, May 4, 2018

New Activated Stones on board

All will be in Cart: Best buy is Carnelian.
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It is a vibrant stone of motivation that boosts confidence, helps to bring out spontaneity, enhance creativity, inspire courage as well as ease tension.
Affirmation: I radiate confidence and positivity to all around me. It is amazing.
How to use it: Hold it in your hands and do affirmation.
2. Unakite
It provides grounding, brings calmness, sends out peaceful vibes to the surrounding as well as helps to relieve stress and release negativity.
Affirmation: I am surrounded by tranquillity and love. All is well.
How to use it: Hold it with both hands, do breathing exercise and say out affirmation.
3. Amazonite
It helps in speaking with confidence, soothes aggravation, assists in clarity of thoughts and encourages one to be brave.
Affirmation: I open my mind to a world of opportunities, overcoming all obstacles. It is beautiful.
How to use it: Attached this to your mobile or on your office table or hold it and do affirmation.
4. Pink Opal
It assists in emotional balance, relieves stress, gently helps to calm the heart to bring a sense of love and peace.
Affirmation: I see, hear and feel the beauty of the love surrounding me, ever so gently and well. Everything is well and beautiful.
How to use it: Place it underneath one's pillow or hold it in your hands and do affirmation.

5. Ocean Jasper
It promotes relaxation, relieve stress and helps one to cope with change. It assists in cultivating patience and clears emotional blockages. It encourages one to be joyful and more optimistic.
Affirmation: I inhale the goodness, I exhale the negativities. It is a good day.
How to use it: Carry it along wherever one goes. Whenever one's feel uncomfortable with the situation, hold it in your hand and do affirmation.
6. Peach Agate
It enhances creativity, helps to cleanse away negativities, calms the mind and also has a balancing effects on one's emotions.
Affirmation: I can access the door of creativity inside me anything time I want.
How to use it:. Bring it along when one is embarking on a new endeavour or hold it in your hands and do affirmation.
7. Blood Stone
It protects one against negativities, effective in stabilizing moods, helps to renew a sense of confidence, assists one in dealing with challenges and also increases mind's clarity.
Affirmation: I am protected and feel the great strength in me turning obstacles into opportunities.
How to use it:. Carry it tin your bag or hold it in your hands and do affirmation.
8. Lodolite
It helps to manifest one's desires, cleanse the environment, protects one from negativities as well as inspires one to be courageous.
Affirmation: I embrace the abundance in my life gracefully in gratitude.
How to use it:. Sit down and quieten your mind, holding the stone and do affiramtion.

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