Saturday, May 12, 2018

cleansing bracelet and environment

Alert: Fire energy too strong burning wood and causing irritable and also bad people will surface up and show u patterns.

And is a very good month for reflection. Is abit Xin Ku but very very fulfilling. Dont forget to do cleansing and clean up ur house this month.

Star signs movement and if u able to tolerate a series of issues , i congratulate u. New energy will come in  anytime this May after u do following cleansing. U can play any music u like.

U can mix incense like high mountain and also herbal incense. Feel the energy improve.

First u must clean ur fridge and ur cupboard and u sure can find some expire and old things to throw or give away. Also if fridge have rotten things, it will cause more anger. And those very angry lately, u check fridge or toilet cupboard sure have some items that is expire or spoilt. After throw. Use oil wipe. And incense perform the following.

Black tourmaline bracelet ready to order le.

This month, also cleanse away difficult people, u will suddenly feel wont be affected by them And any illnesses u will find cure and also lighten.

Actually the cypress is optional as the incense and oil very power le. Normally end with a spray of protection mist.

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