Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Fire energy remedies

A year where fire is burning, and lack of water and metal element can be observe as many have cough issues and sleep issues

As Water is kidney and metal is Lung elements

Kidney water lack may result in aches and lack of energy
MEtal energy not strong result easy get sad and depress.

Earth energy over result in over thinking this year.

That is why spray Tranquility spray above ur head daily before go out works wonder.

10th May to 13th June Food to eat

1) Papaya once a week or when feeling energy block
2) Barley water and squeeze lemon juice in it: Clear ren yuan problems and obstacles face
3) Heng a new heng ball (i know but if u dont have one or very long no heng ball, get a new one and put in living room on 23rd May 2018 , this renew house energy.

Black tourmaline Bracelet is a great item to have:>
$380 to $480

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23rd May 2018

1) Is a power day, U can buy a birthday heng ball and hold it do breathing. U can adopt a black tourmaline bracelet too. U can order now, and put anywhere u like. Go to cart choose ur favourite color.

2) Perform Aura Gold 20 butteryfly dance aura cleansing.

3) Buy some sweets or chocolates and eat together with friends or family.

4) Do house cleansing morning or before 3pm. Using 5 element oil and incense methods.

Do register for this wonderful talk happening in 15th July 2018. A day to renew good energy and bring happiness. Is a where the energy brings health and beauty. Specially selected day for health and beauty talk. Email to with mobile and name and need to transfer first before class.

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