Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Crystal Grounding and Usages

Hi all the crystals are activated and now in shopping cart. This are raw stone with good sources and energy. Example the Pyrite is from South America. Enjoy ok.

back in 1996 since I was in Brisbane Australia. I have learnt and get myself trained in crystal therapy and from then till now many of my students have get raw crystals from omhealth with love and light de.

My first crystal was given by a Ang Mo Mr Stuard, he was that time MLM for herbal life in 1995.. And yes to earn pocket money i was in MLM in Australia aaahahha selling herbal life. And even have gold badge. He was the first one to introduce me the crystals in Gui Ren Bag. And the journey begins. back in 90s in Singapore alot very good non commercialise crystal healer but now still have but sometimes too complicated and add on alot commercial in it. So i started to give training and sell activated stone online for 20 years le:>

One of the major uses of crystals is to provide peace and tranquility to your body and mind. These stones aren't used in a one time setting, but should be worn on a necklace or kept near you at all times to prevent negative energies from affecting you. If you are experiencing uncommon distress, depression, or other mental ailments, you can place the crystals in a healing layout.

There are many ways to use crystals: I hold it and with aroma oil and relax. Dont need do so much things. Life already so stressful why use so much pattern to work with crystal healing

One of the simplest ways to connect with crystals is through aroma oil breathing exercise. Start by holding your crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and focus on your breath. You may feel your body sink deeper into the earth, creating a grounding effect. You may feel a lightness surround you. Or you may not feel anything right away. Sometimes, certain crystals don’t resonate, and other times they make the hairs on your skin stand up. Each crystal will feel different, so be patient and keep experimenting.

We make alot effort to activate all stones:> Hope it can help u to stay in positive vibes in all u do.

Remember dont be over superstitious or over dependent. For me I work with the crystals like color therapy to balance. Ultimately u are the power of ur life:>

Shopping cart now has these stones le. Remember promocode doesnt apply to stones and miscellaneous

Zebra Jasper
This crystal helps to balance and for people mind very scattered is good to pull back ur energy to focus. Is a good study stone and balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional. I feel good to use with oil and especially students:> Put on desk.
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Beautiful Ametrine

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Nice Kunzite Just activated will be in cart soon;
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Grounding Importance
 Black tourmaline x2 with a brownzite
or the smoky quartz and clear quartz set

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One of the most beneficial grounding crystals is Black tourmaline with Brownzite set. They help you to remain balanced and grounded regardless of the situation. It is the most powerful and effective grounding gemstone of them all. It absorbs all the negative energy from your body, eliminating stress, anxiety, fear, anger, worry and any other negative emotions. I find it helps to transform our mindset, so not so luan.

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