Friday, April 13, 2018

Happiness Again

Sometimes when u are in ur 40s , u start to find out who really u are. And what really u want. How to have sustainable happiness.

Alot of times when u get what u want, u can be happy may be for a day or two but when abut of unhappiness things happen. U feel down whole week.

Example, U want to get a Prada bag all along and u wish to have it and u will be happiest woman. After u save up for a year u got it. Gosh that day u so happy carrying a Prada Bag.

Suddenly a phone call from ur boss and upset u. U upset whole week. And ur happiness of Prada bag is no longer there.

If we able to live in a middle path, and renounce most of the luxuries and unnecessary things of life or others comments, and lead a more simple existence. We will be more happy and peaceful.

Alot of unhappiness is from expectation, jealousy and greed, creating divisions even within a family.
Life is much better for everyone when it is more simple.

Learn to act Blur sometimes, Act blur is an art u know:>

We in Singapore really stressful, and this kind of stress to release need urself and someone to wake u up from within. Attending a yoga lesson without the mind of mindfulness is nothing.

Prayers and Breathing Exercise;

I feel perform breathing exercise 3 mins before any prayers has better results. And if only u have time to do one. Do breathing exercise. As when a person mind is calm, u can find the Buddha within or Divine God within and with this calmness is the state heaven want u to be. Rather u pray with a crowded mind.

Bring balance back to your life today ok:.

Do this Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz Breathing. This pair is affordable and activated for u .:> U can order from Shopping cart
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I created this healing pair is to clear ur blocked mind and readjust ur energy to balancing. So u wont be so easily affected by others comments and also block away the unnecessary tension. If u can hold the stone and inhale Affirmation oil with eyes close for 3 mins, u will be able to inwardly be watchful of your thoughts and your behaviors, and then u find is just a dream and renounce it and leave it to GOD.

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Sleep Issues

Many have sleep issues, try this 2 oil before sleep, it works wonder.

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