Friday, April 20, 2018

A peaceful 2018 coming up

Hi all

Now is already April 2018. And guess some may have experience the roller coaster of emotional issues be it family or colleagues. Don’t worry 1st May 2018 the Star sign alignment will be more stable and now is time to plant ur energy.

Remember ur six d hulu and The frog behind main door has done a lot of tuning, rub it with a drop 5 element oil and tissue ok.

Also First week of May 2018, wash toilet using toilet wash method can help clear a lot debris.

Food for May 2018: Tofu products or Dao Hua.


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Again u ask yourself, isn’t it part of life. The difference between an Asian and a Ang Mo , is Ang Mo after work they will “ I dont care”. For Chinese we keep and think and think . And Chinese we create and love to create a lot of burden for ourselves. Until we feel so heavy all the time.

“I don’t care”,” just be it”,  is an art not that the person don’t care, but they don’t care about things that serve no purpose or don’t care things that deplete our energy. So don’t mistaken the “I don’t care”.

Also one thing I want to share is, Religion should be relax and carefree but if it make u until so stress , like u don’t chant this , that will happen or u don’t follow this procedure “ Up there” will punish u…. don’t u think is wrong. If Buddha is still alive , do u think he will punish u because u forget to chant mantra in temple or never follow certain procedure.


Experience in Life are a test to let u have a better life in future:

I think till today u heard of these, and when u kept meeting a series of problems, and seems u are always in issues…. Why not make effort look for positive things to do. Every human being will have a period that , all things seems not smooth, I also will go thru that. But is the effort not to be attached to all these issues and look for good daily .

But there are some for 5 years 10 years always feel people bully u or unfair, the main reason, u have not walk out and see thru life, u dwell in same spot since day one u know omhealth and u do nothing… so ….. think

Case Studies:
Example a lady client I have: Family issues, work issues, for  six month, almost falls into negativity but after reading my blog, she daily spend five mins to do positive affirmation and as and when go temple pray. But her prayers method I advice her to send love and prayers to the Universe also.

Slowly daily she accumulated min positive energy together and one day this 5 mins positive act becomes a good energy.
She got retrentch and found a new job than her son which have girl friend issues also ok le.

U know what I ask her to do? I ask her everything also don’t need do. When a person is lost, they will wanna do many things, go here pray there pray, look for master, than master give u more procedures… etc.

I say: Don’t do many things, everyday do affirmation and 21 Om and talk to Guan Yin Ma and thank her and believe in her power to handle and help u and have faith. Use oil and do affirmation. As and when just go Kwan Yin temple.

Whatever issues arise or boss scold u or health issues, says: All these are temporary and Ommmmm , I watch this problems or pain like a movie, it shall pass, all are in Divine Order.


烦恼就是这个和这个大脑变成主人忘了觉醒的心才是真正君王,把心找回来;面对的一切是个过程要感恩;什么是感恩?挂在嘴边不是而是从心;你醒了吗?脑醒还是心醒; —- inspired by a professor ,words by Bryan lol;


Suntec still has good energy. When u feel block or luck is low. Carry Fu Zai Yan Qian and also a drop aura gold oil in tissue in pocket walk around the fountain 3 times.

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U will notice a lot of road construction lately and no matter what this affect the Qi of a person and house. So spray protection spray around the house daily and mist of tranquillity before go out house helps.

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15th July 2018

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