Monday, April 9, 2018

15th July workshop register fast ba

15th July 2018

930am to 12pm
Venue CSC
Fees $35

Gifts:: $20 Han medical group voucher and $10 omhealth voucher and a stone of health activated ;)

Email to Dr Xu and Dr Lin Qing will be on radio to intro, once intro alot people one But i sincerely hope is u all to come for class.

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Han medical two doctor with Bryan Lao Shi 精彩绝伦讲座 mandarin and English ! 15th July and will be mentioned soon!
Once in radio will fully book fast!
Do register now!$35

Comes with
$20 Han medical group voucher
- activated small stone for health
$10 omhealth voucher for purchase above $50 one time
Worth $40 event at $35 but I think worth more because we share valuable knowledge too!

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