Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Affirmations 2018

The goal with affirmations is to feel the truth in the statement you are affirming. Affirmations are reminders of the beliefs and values you want to live your life from. The more consistently you live from a place of affirmation, the more effortless habits and behaviors that support your goals become.

Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin works with the Universal 4 directional energy and is a very positive coin and I hope this few weeks u can feel the calmness and courage to face all challenges.

Now affirmations time:
Many told me the Power of the two new oil. Positive Affirmation oil and Equilibrium. Especially Positive affirmation if u sinus or tired inhaled 2 drops from tissue. u will know the effect.

read ur affirmations at times of feeling low with ur affirmation oil and equilibrium to sustain.

Oh: 25th March 2018 , Da Jia Lai Bai Bai left 20 seats le. 930am to 1130pm. $38 and have u registered

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Affirmation for the 12 animals

1.    Rooster:
I flow easily with every challenges. Each challenge is a door to opportunity. Looking forward to a brand new year.

2.     Sheep
I am contented and happy. All is in peace and harmony. It is a beautiful year.

3.    Snake
            I am surrounded by abundance, inhaling the refreshing air of happiness. It is going to be a really good year.

4.    Rabbit
I embrace the joy and happiness around me and radiate to all wherever I go. It is a wonderful year.

5.    Dragon
I am able to overcome challenges with ease. I am thankful for all wonderful things in my life. All is well and happy.

6.    Horse.
            I blow bubbles of confidence and happiness. All plans are going my way. I believe in myself. Good year. Yes it is!

7.    Tiger
            I smile to all wherever I go. Happiness is in abundance around me. It is a great year and so it is.

8.    Ox
            I choose to be happy and yes it is. Joy, happiness and all good things come to me.  Wonderful new year.

9.    Rat
Opportunities and happiness are in abundance. I see them everywhere. Sky is bright, air is fresh, water is cool. A happy new year!

10.  Pig
Good experiences comes to me. Things are improving. My life is filled with joy and happiness. New year, new beginning.

11.  Dog
I welcome love, joy and happiness with open arms. I am thankful for everything I have. New Year, here I come.

12.  Monkey
Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe

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