Thursday, January 11, 2018

Good Start Good Year Whole Year

4th Feb 2018
1) Scrub yourself with Heng Heng Scrub
2) Rinse body with 5 element oil after shower
3) Burn Wish fulfilling Pagoda Coil incense
4) Touch Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin
5) Put 5 D coin in a new packet and put in rice container.
6)And within the 10 days go to the dedicated area to buy rice:>

Put flower of life 5D coin in a red packet and inside ur rice container on 4th Feb 2018. Than go pray pray than any day go SE, NW or SW shopping mall buy a packet of rice add in the rice. FLower of Life 5 D coin avaliable at welcome talk 2018.
Things that cannot be found in internet are taught in the talk. Because Bugis aunties and Temple aunties are omhealth friends since 1980s/// Pattern more than badminton but the simple right way.... So what food to eat in Bazi of 2018 for Singaporeans? Want to know? Well attend the talk lor. Eat le transform positive to more positive.
How to Sing the OM mantra correctly to tell universe that healing is needed for ur body? Well attend ba:>

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