Thursday, January 18, 2018

FAQ 5D and 6D hulu

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5D coin/6D coin/ Spray Mist

1) Rice urn one already few years should we keep or change. Well many years ago i mention to keep and store for few years than can re use. But in 2018 we change a new one to flower of life because in 2018 heavily no metal year so it represent we plant in the new metal.
The old one has done alot of work for u and let us just change a new one.

2) Tai Sui affected animal, can carry 5D coin and sometimes when temple just go over the incense 3 times. So 2019 4th feb than discard in recycle bin

3) 6D hulu is for blocking sickness and diaster star. I mean reducing. We cant totally block away things we need to go through. So self cultivation is also important.
U change yearly behind main door knob.

4) U can change all the items for ur house on 4th Feb 2018, but some of u is changing so is definitely ok.

5) The two mist omhealth has are flora water blend and is very high quality. The bottle itself is a fengshui. I remember a lady she use water mist daily before she goes out or when she return home.

Well we have protection Space clearing spray and also Tranquility healing spray. The name says u can use either one for urself depends on ur feel.

For me I use protection spray around house or area i think is not harmony. Tranquility mist i love to mist above my head few times and let the mist envelope me.

All the mist can spray on curtain, bed etc.

6) Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin Usaages
This is a coin that can be kept forever. I have make it so simple for u. In 2018, when u feel lack of wealth or opportunities... Carry this Fu Zai Yan Qian coin and go suntec walk around the water 3 times. Sure good one.

7) Also u can carry Bai wU Jin Ji coin too.
Bai wu jin ji coin is so useful for u to use. Sometimes in office or during auspicious day, suppose that day u want to have peaceful mind and good luck. suddenly got people interfere and affect ur mood. So carry and rub this coin and say Bai wU Jin Ji 3 times.

8)  Now my pass year good luck items u can put at 1,6,8,9, sector of the house.

9) Fridge 5D coin can reuse last year but change for 2019 ok. But if u find ur 2018 it has help u out in many finances issues and all happening is resolved, change a new one.

10) Car, u can put  or 5D coin or 6 D coin hulu, either one. Please change one yearly.
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11) Travel coin can use yearly no need change

If u totally confuse what to put at house and dont want to see map.

Main door knob side 6D hulu, Living room a bowl of SGD$1 coin with 5D coin, At home one area put a 5 D coin to block negative energy (change yearly)

Every few days light an incense for house harmony energy. The incense burner is very good buy at Shopping cart only $68.

9) Also for house energy to feel good sometimes. Buy 2 BIG ORange put at kitchen table for 2 days and eat the third day or keep in fridge.
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The incense omhealth uses are the Auspicious and high mountain incense lately , u can test the scent, use abit will do.

But fridays I light wishfufilling pagoda incense coil.

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