Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chinese rooster year Clearing to welcome 2018 unlock earth Dog

Hi all

2018 Jan to Feb 2018 before Chinese new year is are a very important period to cleanse your house or clear any clutters.

2018 is an Earth Earth year means also alot of dust energy using mist and metal items are good. Simplest is spray the mist and carry FuZai yan Qian coin. Also 2018 is a rare year with so many EARTH (many say no good but to me, is a key to big wealth if u know how to activate).

Video will be made asap.

If u area able to activate 2018 energy, next 10 years 2019 to 2028 will have a smoother easier wealth energy.

How to do it?

1) clean up now ur house.
2) Mist the house once a day. This mist can spray more than 300 times i think each bottle.

1) Check for dust around bed or office table or living room under sofa or bed or table.

Dust/dirt represent: Blockages that create problems. So is good to put 5 drops 5 element oil in a pail and wipe the needed area. 
After that spray Protection Space clearing mist around house.

( 2018 is an Over earth and lack of water year and metal especially, Spraying Protection spray in the house will bring alot of good energy luck to the house 

2) Fridge is an energy of wealth. Please off the electricity put 8 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops lemon essential oil in a bowl water and wipe with new Cloth. Eucaltypus and lemon kills dead energy in fridge which block ur luck

3) Keep using the Mist as below.

Omhealth only 2 mist since 1998

The Mist is now ahttp://omhealth.com/shopping_cart/body.htm

These mist cleanse and balance our aura and also any atmosphere, help eliminate negativity and bad vibes, cut stagnation or simply refresh and cleanse your space. 

You can use these to reinstall a positive, happy relax  environment . It can be awonderful spray in the bedroom and on the sheets for resting and sleeping. 

A) Scent are natural and light.
Spraying Tranquility healing spray around your body will bring good aura to your body. Is made with an hybrid of flora water and spray around ur body or above ur head and let the mist envelop ur body.
Is a good mist to us
About Product:
Flowers combinations in this floral water heals, purifies and strengthen the heart as well as emotions concerning love. Promotes emotional balance and well being.

If you are always impatient, rushing, always no time for yourself, panic, distress, fear for no reason, exam stress, mood swings, feeling down or insomnia due to worries, let this Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray can help to heal your heart and emotions . Besides that, it also help to release and break away from sadness.
Direction of Use:No limitation; No strict rules to abide with. You can spray it on painful area, around the air, heart area or on your palm and dap the water at your heart or area that need healing. This spray helps to speed up healing process.e before sleep spray above ur head or ur blanket a distant away.


B) Protection and Space Clearing Mist: Clear Clutter energy and environmental energy. Spray around the house daily or few times a week. Corners and even around door area.

I like to spray before i go out door area or when I come home spray it once to clear the energy

About Product:
Blended with a base of pure botanicals, herbal extracts and exquisite aromatic oils to create and encourage positive healing environments. It rehydrates, moisturises, creates protective environments and clear any bad emotions. They can be used anytime to create a safe healing environment, at home, at work, while travelling and with those you love.
  • For Office > Clear negative "Qi", negative emotions and unwanted negative energies once spray into the air. No chemical but it is fresh flora water
  • For House > Spray to improve house "Qi"
  • For crystal > Spray for cleansing and charging
  • spray for toning
  • For bed room > Spray at bedroom or above pillow for good sleep
  • For hotel > Spray for protection and calmness

Is $50 each but 2 for $90.

Things to buy:

Mist a set . $90
Five element oil  and aura gold 20 this season buy and keep
New oil: Positive flow and harmony oil.

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